SALAM has a laser-focused vision this year!
This Ramadan you could sponsor our prayer program and get the reward of people praying Salah for the rest of their lives!
  • Printing Salah Plus prayer mats!
  • Workshops for up to 50 people!
  • Teaching wudu, prayer and Quran memorisation!
Connecting the world back to Allah
Salah Sessions
We will provide 1-2-1 sessions with a salah instructor, that will support you to learn the speech and the actions of the salah step by step.
Guided Salah Mat
We will provide a free guided prayer mat with visual prompts and reminders, accurately laid out to help you in perfecting your salah.
Salah Website
We will also provide full free access to our website tutorials, so that you can hear the correct pronunciation of the words and see the correct position of each action.
Meet Lena
Sister Lena (seen here using our Salah Plus prayer mat) took shahada with us and our sisters team taught her how to Pray for the very first time. She learnt the prayer whilst she was on Umrah!! Which is the reward of 100,000 prayers!
Bilal is a new revert from portugal who lives in Manchester (England) and i had the honour to teach him how to pray using our Salah Plus prayer mat.
Khaled (aka Jack) is also a new Muslim who use to serve in the army. Here we are praying side by side in front of the Kabbah in Meccah as I teach him the basics of performing the salah using our Salah Plus prayer mat.
Where else do my donations go?
Salah Plus is an initiative to bring people closer to Allah, by provision of step by step tutorials of ablution, prayer and worship, and memorization of prayers. We've designed detailed but simple guidelines and their description, so as to cancel out any confusion people may have regarding worship and ablution.
I heard the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) say:

‘Whoever performs ablution as he has been commanded,
and prays as he has been commanded, will be forgiven his previous (bad) deeds.’”
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